The Mindset of a Healthy Relationship with a Filipina: Choose to be In Love Rather than Right

In all intimate relationships choosing to be at peace rather than right is something that can drastically reduce conflict.

A relationship with a Filipina is full of situations in which a Western partner may feel justified to consider himself quote-unquote “right”.

This may happen, for example, when your wife wants to give financial support to a little bit too many relatives, including some who have no real need. Perhaps she’s got relatives in the Philippines who barely work but they have the latest electronic gadgets while you, perhaps, keep using your old smart phone and yet they request money. If you preach the “our family first” or the “first things first” sermon you may get stuck in an endless series of arguments.

Many Filipino women spend more than they earn and often get into debt. Preaching the “we need to budget” sermon might drive you crazy.

Most Filipinos eat junk food and rarely exercise or go to the doctor and that may apply to your wife too. This is particularly challenging for me because I am fixated with healthy eating and consistent workout.

Situations like these and many others will drive you insane if you try to straighten them all out.

My experience has taught me that if I want to fix all the infinite series of situations in which I am entitled to feel right I’d better choose another partner. With a Filipino woman you need to view most of the situations that need to be “fixed” with a grain of salt and choose a more easygoing approach.

Being too rigid and too righteous hardly works with Filipinos.

And, paradoxically, I’ve noticed that the less I put pressure on my wife to do the “right” thing, the more I am likely to get her to cooperate.

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