Dealing with Laziness

One of the things that most caught my attention, when I first visited the Philippines, was that, although the town center or “Poblacion” of my wife’s hometown was situated only 300-400 meters from the “Barangay”, NOT A SINGLE PERSON WOULD WALK to the town center. They would rather shell out what little cash they had, to ride in a “Jeepney” or a tricycle, than walk less than 5 minutes.

I used to go jogging around the Barangay and people looked a me in sheer disbelief as if an alien from Mars had landed in Central Luzon!

Let’s face it: Filipinos are, by and large, lazy. They prefer riding in a car, even a car they can’t afford to properly maintain, perhaps a car that has tires that have been vulcanized 20 times, to walking.

Filipinos abroad are pretty much the same. Here in Rome many Filipinos whom I know, could perfectly walk or use public transit to go to work, but they often prefer to use their cars, even if gas is extremely expensive here and they do low-paying jobs.

They like watching much tv, spending time on social media, chit-chatting through their smartphones, eating out etc. and they seldom walk, go jogging, hike etc.

Like many Europeans, I am a cheap guy. I prefer walking, biking or riding on public transport, to go to work, to using my car. I love no-cost forms of entertainment such as reading, meditating, hiking. Before I got married I didn’t even have a car!

With a Filipino wife living a “low-cost” life is extremely difficult.

Not having a car or using it sparingly is almost unthinkable if your wife is Filipino, let alone just going out for a walk without eating out.

So, one of the things you should consider, if you are planning to marry a Filipina is this aspect of “laziness” that will force you to reconsider your habits, especially if you are a dynamic man who is fond of walking, jogging, hiking, biking and so on. This characteristic of your Filipino spouse will likely force you to have a car and use it even for the shortest ride.

But, again, because the purpose of my blog is to talk about BUILDING A BRIDGE with your Filipino Spouse, NEVER fall into the trap of becoming CRITICAL or JUDGEMENTAL even if your wife appears to be extremely lazy. Learn to focus on how this, like all other aspects of the Filipino culture, is a deeply entrenched trait of the Filipino society and learn to LAUGH AWAY at these attitudes and graciously dismiss the urge to give your wife a sermon with a smile.

You will never build a bridge by ATTACKING and CRITICIZING. The only way you can create a bridge is by constantly shifting your attention to what you appreciate in the Filipino culture and by being curious and fascinated instead of frustrated.

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