Dealing with your Filipino Wife’s Approach to Health

Another characteristic of most Filipinos is their casual approach to health-related matters.

For the most part, they consume large amounts of white (refined and not whole grain) rice at every meal, way too little veggies (if any at all) and a lot of pork meat, sausages, hot dogs, fried chicken and (fortunately) fish. They are also very fond of fast-food restaurants.

Their diet causes many to suffer from high blood pressure and to come down with diabetes and other serious diseases.

As I’ve already said in other posts, they prefer to travel by car to walking, and exercise very little.

Many Filipinos whom I know, here in Italy, wait until they go to the Philippines on vacation to have their medical check-ups. What some say is that their doctors in the Philippines “graduated in America” so they trust them more than they trust Italian doctors. Whether this is true or just an excuse to postpone their check-ups and carry on with their not very healthy lifestyle, the fact is that few Filipinos, who live in Italy, go to their doctors on a regular basis.

You love your wife and likely want her to be healthier. Perhaps you are an advocate of workout and healthy eating but your Filipino wife doesn’t want to hear and doesn’t want to know.

How do you deal with it?

My experience tells me that if you get PUSHY and “TELL IT AS IT IS” she may RESIST EVEN MORE.

By giving her SPACE to be as she is and by SIMPLY SETTING THE GOOD EXAMPLE (BY EATING HEALTHY FOOD YOURSELF) WITHOUT SAYING A WORD she may start to lose weight by herself.

Why is that?

Filipinos have a strong sense of, what they call, “Amor-propio” or, basically, PRIDE. They also come from a society where BEAUTY and SEXY LOOKS are among the most valued things.

So, by SETTING A GOOD EXAMPLE WITHOUT PUTTING PRESSURE ON HER you can, indirectly, LEVERAGE her sense of “AMOR-PROPIO” and her desire to comform to the expectations of other Filipinos who put so much emphasis on EXTERNAL APPEARANCE and who, noticing the contrast between a healthy and fit husband and a Filipino wife who is taking her health and fitness lightly, will most likely be the ones to pressure her to make some changes.

It is true that being thin and sexy does not necessarily guarantee, in and of itself , than one will be healthy, but the desire to be thinner and more sexy does, at least, prompt people to make some constructive changes in their lifestyle (like eating a little less for example).

Instead of using forms of verbal attack like “you are ruining your health”, or “if you don’t take care of your health this means you don’t care about your loved ones” or, “if you get sick you will be unable to work and will be a burden to me” etc. you can APPEAL TO HER “AMOR-PROPIO” and her desire to achieve BEAUTY AND SEXY LOOKS. Instead of using words of doom and gloom, you can consistently let her know that you find her very attractive and, subliminally, try to convey the message that she would get even more sexy if she worked out and ate more consciously.

It seems like, whatever the challenge you deal with, in your relationship with a Filipina, it ALWAYS COMES DOWN TO THIS: the more you push Filipinos the less they cooperate. By coming from a loving place and by giving them space and using words of appreciation, you can accomplish much more.

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