The Gregarious Spirit of Filipinos and how it may Affect your Marriage

Filipinos have been defined as “gregarious”. They have a strong sense of family and community and like to talk and hang out with family and friends.

When I was in the Philippines I noticed that throughout the day the doors of my wife’s house were wide open and friends and relatives would come over on an ongoing basis and it was always “meryenda” time.

Time passes very slowly in the Philippines, there are hardly any schedules to meet, and so entire days go by at a very slow pace and a continuous coming and going of guests takes place at all times.

Here in Italy life for Filipinos is much more hectic. They have jobs to do and schedules to stick to.

Nevertheless they keep the gregarious spirit and hardly a week goes by without at least a party taking place. More often than not more than one party is organized during a given week and very often this occurs during weekdays.

Even when there is no actual party scheduled, there is always somebody coming over for some little meryenda and a little chit-chatting.

How does it affect your marriage?

Well, I am a somewhat introverted guy, I like having my space and privacy, especially during weekdays when I’ve got plenty to do and got to get up very early the next morning.

But I’ve had to adjust to the fact that my wife comes from a very gregarious and outgoing culture that entails that, quite often, I have to put aside more “weighty” matters and give time and attention to various guests who show up at the most unexpected times.

So, keep in mind that being in a relationship with a Filipina may force you to reconsider your tight schedules, your hardworking routines and your “first things first” approach to life.

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