A “Real” Man in the Eyes of a Filipina must be a “Jack of All Trades”

Filipino men have an incredible ability to fix everything. Most Filipino men whom I know don’t need to take their cars to the garage to get them fixed. They do the oil change themselves, change the brake pads or the spark plugs themselves and so on. Many can fix their broken washing machines, do plumbing jobs and do several other odd jobs.

In other words a typical Filipino is “the ultimate handyman”.

When I married my wife I became part of an extended family in which every single man (my wife’s brother, her cousins, her uncles etc.) is a “Jack of all trades” and, on several occasions, I’ve felt awkward, ashamed and embarrassed, in the eyes of “big family”, because of my very little expertise in DIY matters.

I’ve experienced being told things like “anong uri ng padre de pamilya ka?” (“what kind of family head are you?”), because, in the eyes of a Filipina and her kin-group, not being able to resort to “diskarte” (basically the ability to find “creative” ways to fix broken appliances or your car) amounts to being unfit to be called a “real” family head.

So what I am suggesting to you is simply this: if you are contemplating the idea of marrying a Filipina, learn the basics of DIY or you might find yourself in a position where you feel awkward in the presence of your Filipino wife’s extended family, should your drain get clogged, should a pipe leak, should your car have a mechanical issue etc. and you have no clue about what to do. And it’s not about having or not having the money to hire somebody to do it for you, it’s about your “masculinity”.

Compared to other “cultural” issues that I’ve mentioned in my previous posts this might appear as a trivial matter but I’d suggest that you don’t underestimate it, being able to fix things is more important than you may think in the eyes of a Filipina who is looking for a “real macho”.

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