If you Marry a Filipina Beware of Public Displays of Affection

I got to know my wife here in Rome. Rome (and Italy in general) is a city where P.D.A. is a socially acceptable practice and it begins very early in life.

When I was in high school some 40 years ago, my schoolmates would make out during the lesson in sheer disregard of the opinion of the professor.

Here in Rome, it is a very ordinary thing to observe scenes of couples engaging in heavy petting in their cars or even on a bus or on a park bench.

And yet, during the early stages of my courtship period with the woman who later became my wife, she made it clear that P.D.A. is totally unacceptable for a Filipina.

The kind of P.D.A. that I had in mind was simply holding hands and nothing more. I myself consider kissing profusely and so on as things that belong to the privacy of my home. And yet she wouldn’t even allow that, based on the idea that in the Philippines P.D.A. is frowned upon and, because in Rome there are over 50,000 legal Filipinos, when you marry a Filipina you spend most of your free time among Filipinos.

Even after getting married nothing changed and to this day, although we enjoy plenty of affection and passion, all of that is strictly confined to the privacy of our home.

The fact that she is the one who moved here and that here P.D.A. is routine does not in the least change a Filipino woman’s approach to being lovey-dovey in a public setting, so if you are contemplating marrying a Filipina this is another factor you should weigh very carefully.

As I already mentioned in a previous post, when Filipinos move abroad they only move their body but their hearts and minds remain in the Philippines and, as a result, they keep marching to the beat of the Filipino drum and expect the whole world to suit their culture.

So, those who marry a Filipina need to broaden their views and go the extra mile.

I guarantee you that with a Filipina you will never be short of love and affection, just be careful with P.D.A.!

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