Why am I Writing a Post a Day?

Some of you may be wondering “why I am writing in this blog on a pretty much daily basis?”

Well, this blog is nothing more than my RELATIONSHIP JOURNAL and I am simply sharing with others what I put down in writing for my own benefit and to better my relationship.

I have been keeping a relationship journal for 4 years because I believe that a life that is worth living and, therefore a relationship that is worth having, is WORTH RECORDING and it DOES NOT HAPPEN BY DEFAULT, RATHER IT HAPPENS BY DESIGN and all the more so an interracial relationship.

Many relationship experts give the advice to keep a written relationship journal and I’ve found out that having one is a powerful way TO FASHION A THRIVING RELATIONSHIP, ESPECIALLY A RELATIONSHIP CHARACTERIZED BY UNIQUE CULTURAL CHALLENGES like the one with a Filipina.

So it is not as if I have nothing to do, on the contrary I am a very busy man as I work, I volunteer, I have a family and I take care of my aging mother. Nevertheless I believe that THE QUALITY OF OUR LIFE IS DIRECTLY PROPORTIONAL TO THE QUALITY OF OUR RELATIONSHIPS, so, for me, carving out time EVERY SINGLE DAY to put down in writing the following:

  1. The challenges of this particular kind of marriage
  2. Ideas that help me to meet these challenges and that I brainstorm or gather from books or other blogs
  3. Things I appreciate about my wife’s culture and aspects I notice


Instead of LETTING THE RELATIONSHIP HAPPEN TO ME I MAKE IT HAPPEN FROM ME, in the sense that by keeping a record of the various aspects of my relationship, my impressions and feelings, the challenges and the irking aspects of it and the possible solutions or the right mindset to have in the face of these challenging situations, I gain control.

Instead of just GETTING THROUGH THE DAY OR THROUGH THE MOTIONS I TRY TO GATHER FROM THE DAY as the famous personal development speaker Jim Rohn used to say.

A multicultural intimate relationship is worth taking to the next level and having a written journal is a powerful way to do that.

So, I will keep writing my impressions and my challenges, I will keep brainstorming or researching ideas and I will keep putting them down in writing and sharing them with whoever is interested.

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