Filipinos don’t Like those who are “Masyadong Istrikto”

One of the reasons why Filipinos like living and working in my country is that mabait ang gobyerno dito or, basically, “the government is kind to them here”.

As I’ve pointed out in a previous post, Italy, and particularly Southern Italy, could, under certain aspects, be viewed as the “Philippines of Europe”.

One of the reasons is that Southern Italians themselves take laws and regulations quite lightly so Filipinos feel comfortable here.

Filipinos respect the law only where they have too, like in certain Northern European Countries for example.

They have a preference for countries where they can find some butas or loophole to kind of dodge the law and here there are maraming butas or many loopholes.

Many Filipinos come here illegally knowing that sooner or later the government will give them an amnesty and allow them to have a permit of stay if someone hires them.

Many Italian drivers take traffic rules lightly and Filipinos follow suit.

Many Southern Italians dispose of big pieces of garbage such as washing machines etc. in parks to avoid taking those things to a dumpsite and, under this aspect, they are similar to some Filipinos who throw everything in the rivers.

Filipinos feel more at ease in an environment that is hindi masyadong istrikto or not too strict.

As I have pointed out many times if you marry a Filipina you can’t be too direct and strict.

Filipinos thrive in an environment that allows them to live by their bahala na easygoing and carpe diem principles and anyone who uses a heavy handed approach will find himself ill at ease.

In this country Filipinos feel at home and, generally speaking, Italians who are married to a Filipina (at least the ones I know) hardly report having experienced major culture shock while, based on what I’ve heard from several people in the 20-year period that I have been married to a Filipina, Northern Europeans, Americans or others who come from cultures where the approach to things is more rigid, seem to have a harder time getting adjusted.

Whether this is just my personal perspective or an actual fact what is certainly true is that those who marry a Filipina can’t be masyadong istrikto.

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