Filipino Spaghetti vs Italian Pasta

As I’ve mentioned in a couple of posts, my country, and particularly Southern Italy, has much in common with the Philippines.

One of the things that add to the similarities is the fact that Filipinos eat pasta and particularly spaghetti.

The way they prepare spaghetti is not anywhere near how we do it here in Italy, as Filipinos usually add sugar to sweeten and use UFC banana ketchup instead of tomato puree or peeled tomatoes to make the sauce. They also put hot dogs and ground meat in their unique version of spaghetti.

Aesthetically speaking they kind of resemble what we call here “amatriciana”, a pasta recipe that comes from the town of Amatrice, some 100 miles away from Rome.

The two pictures highlight the huge differences between the two “schools of thought”: the ready-made Filipino spaghetti sauce package my wife bought in a sari-sari store here in Rome reads “sweet Filipino style” while in the other picture you can see my basic recipe that I made with fresh home-made tomato sauce and extra virgin olive oil and I had it with artisanal wine from the Sorrento Peninsula in Southern Italy.

Do Italians like Filipino spaghetti?

Well, after spending a couple of weeks in the Ilocos region where I ate nothing but dried fish every single day, the Filipino spaghetti I had in the Baliuag S.M. in Bulacan tasted like home.

So, is Filipino spaghetti good or bad? My diplomatic answer is: it’s Filipino.

2 thoughts on “Filipino Spaghetti vs Italian Pasta

  1. Growing up in the Philippines, the only spaghetti I know was the sweet-sauce Filipino style, that when I migrated to the US, the first time I tasted spaghetti in an authentic Italian restaurant, I thought their sauce was spoiled being somewhat sour. Now I like both Filipino style and authentic Italian spaghetti.

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    1. Spaghetti Filipino style is probably tastier than the Italian version. It is just that pasta is already refined carbs and high in sugar. The Filipino version is way too risky for diabetic people….nevertheless I like it


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