Omega Pain Killer, Efficascent Oil and Gin: the Cure All of Filipinos

I’ve already mentioned how so many Filipinos neglect their health. Many suffer from high blood pressure and other diseases because they probably consume too much white rice, drink a lot of soft drinks and several men drink plenty of alcohol.

Yet Filipinos seem to be fond of a bunch of “cure-all” things.

One of those “cure-all” remedies that can invariably be found both in the homes of Filipinos in the Philippines and expatriate ones is liniment oils that come in two varieties that have a similar fragrance but they are slightly different as one is more like a cream while the other is an oil: I am talking about Omega Pain Killer and Efficascent Oil.

I am not a doctor so I have no idea about the actual benefits of these products but I find these liniments to be much more effective than their, much more expensive, Italian counterparts that don’t even emanate a pleasant smell while, at least, the Filipino ones smell pretty nice actually.

These oils are supposed to be used for the treatment, control, prevention and improvement of a lot of conditions and symptoms: back pain, joint pain, muscle pain, asthma, cough, arthritis, itching, cold sores, nerve pain and even hemorrhoids!

I am not sure about these claims but when I spread it on my skin the smell is quite nice and the body part where I spread the ointment feels quite warm and inflammation usually gets killed in no time.

However, apart from the above mentioned ointments, there is another cure-all liquid that really kills all kinds of problems and that is gin (or other kinds of hard drinks for that matter). Gin is pampatunaw (it causes excessive food that you may have eaten to melt away), pampatulog (it makes you sleep), pampagana (it gets you going) and pampainit (it warms you up).

Filipinos have a rather casual approach to health but, at least, they have their cure all remedies that are good for a wide range of issues

8 thoughts on “Omega Pain Killer, Efficascent Oil and Gin: the Cure All of Filipinos

  1. I have many relatives who drink gin and get drunk everyday but they are never hospitalized for any disease. I know it is bad for the health but they are growing older than teetotalers. I mean they are living longer years than those who do not drink!

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