The “Lake Taal” of Rome

Lake Taal is a popular destination for both tourists and the inhabitants of crowded Manila situated in the province of Batangas. I’ve been there once and the thing that impressed me is its similarity with a place I have been visiting since I was a child, a place situated about 60 km North of Rome known as Lago di Vico.

Where is the similarity? Well, Lake Taal fills Taal Caldera, a large volcanic caldera and inside it there is another volcano, an island actually, that has its crater on top. It’s a crater within the crater.

Lake Vico (Italian Lago di Vico) is also a caldera lake in the northern Lazio region, central Italy. It is one of the highest major Italian lakes, with an altitude of 510 m. Administratively, it is part of the municipalities of Caprarola and Ronciglione where, by the way, more and more Filipinos are moving as houses there are much cheaper than in Rome.

The lake is surrounded by the Cimini Hills, in particular by the Fogliano (965 m) and Venere (851 m) mountains. It is part of the Lake Vico Natural Reserve.

The hill called Monte Venere is actually another extinct volcano with its crater on top situated inside the caldera of lake Vico and this is the real similarity with lake Taal: a volcano inside another volcano.

What adds to the similarity is the fact that lake Vico is one of the places Filipinos from Rome like to go en mass, especially because around the lake there are several areas that are equipped with barbecues and Filipinos are particularly fond of barbecueing.

So, if you come to Italy with your Filipino wife don’t forget to take her to the Lake Taal of Rome.

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