Is a Filipino Wife Financially Low-Maintenance?

Well, under certain aspects, Filipinas are much less sophisticated and demanding than their Western counterparts.

When they eat out, for example, they are happy with going to one of those eat all you can Asian restaurants. There are many here in Rome where you can gobble up tons of food for 8-10 euros and those places are always full of Filipinos. So you rarely bump into a Filipina who is demanding that you take her to a sophisticated restaurant to eat lobster or have oyster and champagne. Actually, even taking them to the KFC, Burger King or Mc Donald’s will do.

Many Filipinas wear cheap trinkets rather than expensive jewelry.

On the other hand they often like buying the latest smart phone or a big flat screen TV set so, when it comes to technological gadgets, Filipinas and Filipinos do like to spend.

If you wish to do without a car forget it because Filipinas, in general, rarely like to walk or ride on public transport, however, for most of them a cheap and old car will do, most Filipinas don’t expect fancy cars (while Filipino men do like fancy cars).

When they go home to the Philippines most of them just want to stay home and don’t care about going to Palawan or Boracay and even in a Western country most of them hardly like to go on a cruise or have an expensive holiday.

So, under many aspects, Filipinas are, economically speaking, low-maintenance when it comes to their own personal demands and expectations, except for a few things like technological gadgets or the fact that you may have to spend a lot in gasoline as, wherever you go, they want to go by car.

However, because when you marry a Filipina you definitely marry the whole family, what may cost you is supporting her relatives.

As I said many times, you need to be careful to evaluate who really truly needs help and who simply wants you to finance their wants.

So, to wrap it up, Filipinas seem to be much less demanding and much easier to please when it comes to such things as expensive gifts, eating out or travelling but you need to take into account the possible financial burden involved in dealing with the relatives in the Philippines.

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