An Important Lesson from the Filipino Song “Himig ng Pag-ibig”: “Bawat Sandali ay Mahalaga sa Atin”

Pagkat ako’y nababalisa ‘pag di ka kapiling Bawat sandali’y mahalaga sa atin Tulad ng ibong malaya ang pag -ibig natinTulad ng langit na kay sarap marating Ang bawat tibok ng puso’y kay sarap damhin Tulad ng himig na kay sarap awitin

These are the lyrics of another popular Filipino song, a song that you could actually learn how to play, if you play the guitar, as the underlying rhythm of it is a very basic arpeggio.

A couple of phrases of the song are very meaningful and have everything to do with what true intimacy is about: bawat sandali ay mahalaga or every single moment is precious and bawat tibok ng puso ay kay sarap damhin or it is so sweet to feel every single heartbeat.

This is not exactly what happens in most relationships where the present moment is either ruined by past resentments or hinanakit, worries about the future and the resulting arguments about money or by escaping from bawat sandali na mahalaga because people who are in a relationships are physically together but they are addicted to their little electronic gadgets.

Viceversa, when you and your spouse enjoy bawat sandali and are fully present, he relationship is imbued with a sense of quality. You are fully present and your relationship is not ruined by worries about the future, past upsets or by the aloofness caused by being immersed in chit-chatting on social media.

As I’ve written on several occasions, Filipinos spend a great deal of time watching TV or surfing on the internet. This often ruins the mahalagang sandali they spend with their spouses and kids and gets in the way of meaningful communication and intimacy.

It seems like, although they love singing “bawat sandali ay mahalaga sa atin”, many of them fail to get the sense of this expression.

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