Filipinos were Born “with a Spoon in their Mouth”

Very few Filipinos were born “with a silver spoon in their mouth”, yet almost all of them were evidently born “with a spoon in their mouth”.

What I mean is that they seem to prefer using a spoon to using a knife and they often use a spoon in combination with a fork instead of using a fork and a knife to eat just about everything and sometimes they don’t even use a fork.

As an Italian I wonder how in the world they eat noodles or spaghetti with a spoon. In Italy we only use spoons to eat soups.

I am 51 years old and I was born and raised in Italy and to this day I still struggle to eat spaghetti using a fork, I have never really learned how to do it properly and yet my wife uses a spoon both to eat spaghetti (the Filipino version with banana ketchup of course) and noodles.

I have managed to eat dried fish or bagoong but eating noodles or spaghetti with a spoon is just way beyond my ability.

Using a spoon or a spoon and a fork and no knife is another weird thing you need to get used to if you marry a Filipina.

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