Filipinos who Work Abroad as Live-in Domestic Helpers

In this article I am going to talk about Filipinos who work as live-in domestic helpers in my country, as I don’t know all the facts about Filipinos who work as live-in in other Western countries.

In my country, namely Italy, most Filipinos work as domestic helpers or katulong and a lot of them are live-in nannies or, in some cases, live-in/live-out.

Few of them are happy with their job because their amo or employer is mabait or kind to them. For example I know a couple that works live-in in a huge mansion situated on the top of a hill overlooking downtown Rome, where they are allowed to invite whomever they want and even use the swimming pool when their employer is not around (and their employer spends 9 months a year abroad, therefore he is only at home 3 months a year) and they throw a lot of parties in the mansion of their amo. I’ve been there several times and enjoyed swimming in an amazing swimming pool from which you can see the historic section of Rome and the main monuments while swimming.

However this is just one of the very few examples of live-in domestic helpers whose life is masarap or enjoyable.

Most of them have rather difficult circumstances.

First of all they earn very small amounts because, as live-in workers, they eat and sleep in the house of their employer. This means that some Filipinos may find themselves in a situation where they earn less than 1000 euros a month (sometimes much less) and they are only free on Thursdays (half day) and on Sundays (whole day).

There are cases in which they are not even allowed to take their spouse and children to live with them in the house of their employer. So, there are many Filipinos who, after having experienced prolonged separation from their family members, when they first came here and their family was still in the Philippines, they find themselves again living apart from their family because of their live-in job.

They came to my country expecting that money was easy to come by while, in reality, life is pretty tough.

So, in addition to writing articles about Western-Filipino intimate relationships, I also like, from time to time, to talk about the “real” life condition of Filipinos who move to another country perhaps expecting that money falls from the trees.

I’ve made a little video clip where I talk about this subject in Tagalog.

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