Pinoy Pride: is it Unique to Filipinos?

One of the traits of Filipinos that is most commonly mentioned is the so called “Pinoy Pride”.

One of the manifestations of Pinoy pride is when Filipinos consider the success of Filipino nationals or individuals such as boxer Manny Pacquiao, as a national achievement.

The achievements of Mr. Paquiao create strong emotions and a lot of pride in Filipinos.

However, as a European, I cannot quite see how the strong emotions that surround the sport achievements of Filipinos could be considered as a trait that is unique to Pinoy people.

I live in a continent where sport achievements, and particularly those related to football or soccer, create not just strong emotions or pride but pure madness.

Hundreds of people have lost their lives in various football stadiums across Europe and a case in point is the Champion’s League Final between Liverpool and Juventus back in 1986 where hundreds of people were killed during a massive stampede.

Here in Italy, as well as in other parts of Europe, there are football fans who go to the stadium to stab the supporters of other teams or to act out other forms of verbal or physical violence.

As the husband of a Filipino woman I am aware of many of the disfunctions of the Filipino culture and I often highlight those disfunctions, but I think Pinoy Pride, at the least the type of pride that surrounds the achievements of Manny Paquiao, pales into insignificance compared to the madness that surrounds European football.

To me this thing called Pinoy pride is pretty mild compared to the sheer insanity that surrounds European football.

If Filipinos get excited when a Filipino wins a competition Europeans often go insane and, often, it does not even matter who wins and who loses.

Europe is full of unaccomplished people who view the sport achievements of their champions as if they were their own achievements (and their losses as if they were their own for that matter) so, to be honest, I believe that in this particular area Europeans definitely beat Filipinos.

Sport events stir pride in some Filipinos but here in Europe they seem to stir the most animalistic impulses of a few people who view those events just as an occasion to act out their most basic instincts.

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