The Perks of “Diskarte”

(For some strange reason this post that I uploaded few days ago disappeared, maybe I deleted it by mistake, so I am uploading it again)

Many people, including myself, kind of look down on the diskarte mentality.

As I said in a previous post diskarte is the ability of Filipinos to find “creative” solutions to fix things. Often the diskarte approach doesn’t produce high quality labour, rather it only puts temporary “patches” on things or problems that need to be fixed based on the idea that pwede na iyan (it will already do).

However the ability that Filipinos have to resort to diskarte could actually stand you in good stead if you are married to a Filipina.

Let me explain how.

Well, few days ago the left front headlight of my car blew out. I tried to replace it but, because the fuse box is way too close to the headlight, I could barely put my finger between the fuse box and the headlight and I couldn’t see a thing. In order to move the fuse box a little bit to make more room for my hand and to be able to see something I had to remove the battery first.

I did all this labour but I still found it difficult to replace the light bulb so I decided to go to a car electrician. It took him one hour to replace the bulb and he struggled to do it.

For some strange reason the light bulb blew out again but a Filipino friend of mine happened to be around.

Well, it took him 30 seconds to replace the light bulb!

The irony of it is that he managed to do it without having to remove the battery or anything else.

Since he was available he also changed the two ignition coils and the spark plugs.

This is not the first time Filipinos help me to troubleshoot car problems and, often, all I have to do is reward them with a bottle of Fundador.

Sometimes diskarte produces amazing results!

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