More on the “Sense of Entitlement”: for Filipinos there is more Happiness in Receiving than there is in Giving

It has been said many times and in many ways that the secret to receiving is giving.

As I’ve pointed out many times in this blog, Filipinos believe that the rich (like the expats who work overseas for example, who, actually, are seldom rich but they are viewed by their relatives in the Philippines as such) have the responsibility to share what they’ve got with their kababayan in the Philippines while the latter are entitled to getting and are not supposed to give because they are poor.

On the other hand both ancient wisdom (like the Bible for example) and modern economists, psychologists and personal development speakers keep saying the exact opposite. Actually an entire industry of motivational speakers has been created around the premise that giving is the key to receiving.

Although this notion sounds pretty counter-intuitive it is very easy to find plenty of evidence that the key to getting past scarcity is giving: many many books have been written and entire schools of thought have been estabilished around this idea.

However Filipinos have a very strong sense of Ako Muna (me first, me and my family first), which I have talked about in the past, and a strong sense of entitlement, which I have also talked about in the past, that definitely cause them to be a society that is more leaning toward getting than toward giving.

If you are married to a Filipina you know what I am talking about and if you aren’t married yet to a Filipina and have an idea about making this move, you will soon find out.

You will most certainly deal with her relatives in the Philippines, some of whom make no real effort to improve their lives, who view you and your money as their bank account, almost as a bottomless source of money they want to tap into.

This is not always the case but there is a great chance that this could happen if you marry a Filipina.

Another thing that I observe, here in my country, is that Filipinos are very smart when it comes to receiving from the social welfare system and, although they struggle to speak Italian properly, all of a sudden they become super fluent when they deal with social welfare employees!

The Philippines is definitely one of those societies where people shy away from giving, have a strong sense of entitlement and a “me (and my household) first” attitude.

This mentality runs counter to the universal law that says that if you “practice giving it will be given to you” and accounts for the fact that the Philippines remains a backward society despite the skyscrapers, the neon lights and the huge shopping malls.

The universal law of giving and receiving is infallible. Individuals, families and nations that are stingy and focused on receiving remain stuck in scarcity.

The notion that we only get past scarcity by giving, even if we are dead broke, because of its counter-intuitive nature is difficult to grasp, and it definitely eludes most Filipinos.

Yet there is overwhelming evidence that this is definitely the case and being married to a Filipina can help you appreciate how this law always comes true.

You will run across many demanding people and you will see with your own eyes how this attitude reverses on Filipinos and keeps them in a state of scarcity.

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