Why Filipinos Keep Buying Bottled Water Even When they Move to a Western Country


I live in a city that has lots of problems such as traffic jams, inadequate public transport etc.

Yet the city of Rome has a great asset: tap water is safer than bottled water.

In Rome we have fountains everywhere and tourists don’t need to buy bottled water.

Yet my Filipino wife never drinks tap water and all the Filipinos whom I know here either buy bottled water or a filtering machine that they connect to the tap.

I guess the reason is simply a mental conditioning: because Filipinos have been raised in a country where you need to boil tap water to kill the germs before you can drink it, they carry with them this mental conditioning wherever they go and keep buying bottled water, even if they move to a country where it is scientifically proven that tap water is a lot safer than bottled water (especially water that is sold in plastic bottles).

Buying tons of unnecessary bottled water is not just useless, it is also a huge waste of time and energy. Yet, if you are married to a Filipina, this is highly likely something you have to get used to, even if you have been used to drinking tap water since childhood.

Another funny aspect is that all Filipinos whom I know never buy sparkling water, they only buy still water. Recently I asked my wife why and she said that she cannot stand the “itchy” sensation in the throat. Other Filipinos have told me exactly the same thing.

Now I could perfectly understand all these concerns about rigorously buying bottled still water if Filipinos drank nothing but water.

What I can’t quite understand is that the very people who steer clear of tap and sparkling water drink tons of Coca Cola, Fanta, Sprite and the boys (the macho heavy drinking Filipino men) who steer clear of sparkling water that supposedly causes an “itchy” sensation in their throat have no “itchy” sensation when they drink strong beer, gin, rum and whiskey.

Yes, Filipinos seem to have problems when it comes to tap and sparkling water yet they drink the whole world and that is not a problem.

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