Boodle Fight: the Ultimate Filipino Food Experience

As the husband of a Filipina one of the things that will show up again and again in your life is not just Filipino food and parties, rather something much more extreme: I am talking about the ultimate Filipino food experience known as “Boodle Fight”.

For those of you who are newbies (perhaps recently married to a Filipina or just courting one) the scene in the picture above is something you will see pretty often.

What the boodle fight basically involves is this: tons of rice and ulam (fish, eggs, meat, anything at all that goes with rice) are placed on a table (a long one) lined with banana leaves (we didn’t have any so we just used aluminum).

The reason why this is called a “fight” is because guests are allowed to grab as much food as they can and eat everything with bare hands.

As far as I know this tradition comes from the Philippine military where hungry soldiers ate with bare hands as a sign of camaraderie.

Unless you live in a small village of a European country (or anywhere else in the West where there is not any Filipino community) where your Filipino wife is the only Filipino in hundreds of square miles and she has no frequent contacts with her mga kabayan or fellow Filipinos, chances are you will very often run into some kind of boodle fight.

The picture above tells everything about what this experience is like so I don’t need to add much apart from the obvious warning that your level of insulin might skyrocket after the “fight”.

Food is the core elements of Filipino gatherings and boodle fight is definitely the ultimate Filipino food experience.

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