The “Toilet Flushing System” in the Philippines

Few days after my first arrival in the Philippines, I found myself in a public C.R. (Comfort Room as they call the toilet in the Philippines) and, after doing my things, I started looking for the flush button but I couldn’t find any. All I could see was a bucket but there was no tap to fill the bucket with water.

As I was trying to figure out how to deal with the situation, people waiting in line outside the wc began to knock on the door impatiently.

I let them know that I could neither see a flush button nor a tap to fill the bucket and I asked “saan pwede kong kunin ang tubig? “(“where can I get water?”) at which someone said: “sa poso sa labas” (“from the well situated outside”). So I opened the door and kindly asked the ones waiting in line to get some water for me, as I knew nothing about this “arrangement”.

So, if you have never been to the Philippines, keep in mind that before you use a C.R. (not everywhere but in quite a number of places) you might first have to check if there is any well outside where you need to manually pump the water if you want to flush the toilet!

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