“Kaunti-container”: the “Average” Alcohol Consumption per Capita in the Philippines

The Tagalog expression for “much” or “a lot” in Tagalog is marami while the word for “a little” is kaunti.

“Just a little” is kaunti lang.

However, when it comes to wines & spirits, Filipinos use the expression kaunti-“containerwhich tells you everything about the “average” consumption of alcohol per capita in the country.

For Filipinos abroad, especially those who live in cold countries, the container is even larger as in cold climates that Pinoy are not familiar with, Filipinos need maraming “pampainit” (“heater”).

There are actually relatively cool parts of the Philippines where masarap mag-shot-shot dahil malamig ang klima (“it is nice to have a few shots because the climate is cold”).

In addition to Baguio City and the Cordillera, a popular malamig place near Manila is Tagaytay and, because the Tagalog word for “shot” in Tagalog is tagay, an ideal place for kaunti-container is Tagaytay where Filipinos can do some tagay-tagay sa Tagaytay.

In my articles I often mention the relationship of Filipinos with alak.

The reason is that, if you are a Western husband of a Filipina, whether you drink or not, alcohol will always chase you like a shadow that never leaves. You will find it at every Filipino party, sometimes even concealed in a bottle of juice (called juice na timplado or “mixed” juice) or hidden in the trunk of a car in the parking lot of the facility where the party is taking place.

The ancient Israelites were promised that they would be led by Moses to “a land flowing with milk and honey”.

Well, if you marry a Filipina you too will inherit the “promised land”, namely the Philippines, a land flowing with “gin and more gin”. Not marami though: kaunti-container lang!

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