An Easy Way to Learn Numbers in Tagalog

The first time I heard numbers like labingisa or isang daan at labindalawa etc. I wondered “how am I possibly going to learn this stuff”?

In reality, if you are interested in learning numbers in Tagalog, all you really need to memorize are the numbers from one to ten being: isa dalawa tatlo apat lima anim pito walo siyam sampu.

Then, the numbers from 11 to 19 are really easy because all you need to do is add labin to the numbers you’ve already learned:



and so on.

Then, as for the numbers 20, 30, 40 etc. they all end like 10 or sampu:



and so on

Between 20, 30, 40 etc. you just add ‘t isa, ‘t dalawa etc.:

Example: 21=dalawampu’t isa

22=dalawampu’t dalawa


51=limampu’t isa

And so on

As for the “hundreds” you just have to learn …ng daan (except for apat and other numbers that end in a consonant where you’ve got na raan) the pattern is:

Isang daan

Dalawang daan


Apat na raan


Anim na raan

Then for higher numbers you add:




And so on.

Have fun learning Tagalog numbers!

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