“How is my driving?”: Filipino Taxi Drivers Asking for Feedback!

One of the funny things I noticed in congested Manila is that taxi companies ask for feedback about the driving style of their employees.

What can I say about it?

As I’ve pointed out in some recent post, driving in Manila is definitely not for everyone, not even for a Southern Italian like me who is used to the very bad driving of people in Rome and Naples.

In the Philippines I’ve seen the most incredible driving feats that would never be tolerated even in a relatively lawless country like Italy where drivers tend to do what they want.

In the Philippines I’ve seen buses overtaking other buses on a winding mountain road, buses with blown-out headlights in the night, a tricycle driver driving while holding a bottle of gin in his right hand and many other “interesting” things.

So my answer to the question how is my driving? has to be: “it is absolutely amazing”. I tried to drive in the Philippines for 2 days and then I got scared and gave up. So thumbs up for the brave taxi drivers of Manila!

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