Sunsets in the Philippines

I live in the outskirts of Rome, a place where apartment buildings close to one another make it almost impossibile to appreciate a nice sunset in full view and unobstructed by factories and buildings.

There are actually amazing sunsets by the sea here in Italy, but few people who go on vacation in a popular Italian sea resort spend hours contemplating an amazing sunset.

Sunset time by the sea here in Italy is usually as hectic as city life. People get in their cars and get stuck in traffic to get to a disco, a pizzeria or a restaurant or, if you are at the beach there is usually so much distraction in the form of people playing beach volley or listening to loud music, that the last thing people do is stare at the sunset for as long as it lasts.

I had my first opportunity to really do nothing but stare, for several consecutive evenings, at the sunset and really soak it in, while in La Union, Northern Philippines.

I spent 10 days in the small barrio of Damortis and, because there was not really anything else to do in that village, I got to really allow myself to fully enjoy several sunsets in a row and get utterly mesmerized by the sheer beauty of the tropical sunsets of the Philippines.

What is amazing is that you don’t really need to go to a white-sandy beach to be stunned by the beauty of tropical sunsets in the Philippines, actually even staring at the sunset on Roxas Boulevard in Manila will do (and all the more so because it seems like they did some serious cleaning there recently).

So, my advice, if you plan to visit the Philippines with your Filipino spouse is: don’t miss the chance to set aside quality (and quantity) time to admire a Filipino sunset and really soak it in. I guarantee you that it will prove to be by far one of the most rewarding experiences you can have in the Perlas ng Silangan.

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