Walis-Tambo: the Typical Filipino Broom

The broom in the picture looks like one of those brooms that we, in the Western world, generally use for outdoors.

I was somewhat surprised to see my mother in law using it indoors but, when I touched it, I realized that that kind of native walis (broom in Tagalog) is actually extremely soft and, therefore, perfectly fit for indoors, as it is generally made out of phragmites grass, a type of reed that is good for producing soft-whisk brooms.

Rich and sophisticated Filipinos also have all sorts of vacuum cleaners in their homes but I’ve seen tambo brooms being used even in wealthy homes.

I wanted to bring one home but it looked kind of complicated to carry it on the plane because, as husband of a balikbayan who was returning to a Western country after a vacation in the Philippines, I was already super stuffed with a lot of luggage that included tons of pasalubong and therefore, since my bags were already filled with bottles of Omega Pain Killer, Efficascent Oil, cans of Tender Juicy meat, jars of Cheez Wheez spread and several other typical products, I had to leave the tambo I had bought myself in the Philippines.

Maybe I’ll bring one home next time…

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