Jobs that Filipino Overseas Workers could Try to do in Addition to Cleaning

Most Pinoy in my country work as katulong or tagalinis and 95% of them have never even considered the possibility to try something else.

There are actually other possibilities that Filipinos could at least consider.

A couple of years ago a friend of mine, who runs a private English school, asked me if I could do her the favour to teach a group of 7 professionals as she was supposed to send them a native English-speaking teacher but she was having a very hard time finding one available. I did her this favour but the students found out that I was not a native English speaking teacher so they complained about it and requested a native speaker.

Here in Rome we have a few well-known schools such as the Wall Street Institute and others that charge a lot and only hire native English speakers.

However there are also a lot of smaller private language schools, like the one that my friend is running, that charge much less and, for this reason, they struggle to find a real English-speaking teacher, as they can only pay the teacher something like 15 euros per hour, which, I guess, is too small an amount for an American or a British teacher.

So, since my friend knew that I was married to a Filipina and she knew that most Filipinos are fluent in English and they could be “sold” as “native” English-speaking teachers, since English ranks as official language in the Philippines, she begged me to find her a Filipina but no one was available including my wife.

The bottom line is: my idea is that if only Filipinos abroad opened their minds there would be plenty of other possibilities to get a job that is other than katulong or tagalinis.

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