90-Day Fiance’: Does it Work?

A few days ago I bumped into an American documentary series called “90-day fiance'” that is about couples that have applied for a fiance’ visa to get to know each other, and I watched the story of a 58-year old American man who got a 19-year old Filipina to spend 90 days in the USA to find out if they could get married.

Here in the European Union there is no such thing as a “fiance’ visa”, therefore the only way you can marry a Filipina whom you have got to know through Facebook or through some other kind of long distance courtship, is either by going to the Philippines yourself or by getting her to come to Europe as a tourist.

The second option is quite difficult because, in order to be given a tourist visa into a EU country she has to prove that she has plenty of money in the bank (which most Filipinas don’t have) otherwise you have to guarantee for her with your money (but someone who works in the Italian Embassy in Manila told me that this is only possible in theory, as they are extremely strict when it comes to tourist visas).

This having been said, what I have to say about getting a Filipina to visit your country to explore within 90 days if you should marry her or not is that it can hardly work that way.

As I have already mentioned in the past, my wife was already living and working in my country when I started courting her and we got to know each other for 4 years before we got married, and to this day, after 15 years of life together as a married couple, culture shock is still a challenge and we still have to work hard to maintain a thriving relationship.

How can it work if you only have 90 days to decide?

Well…..the choice is yours.

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