One Hundred Islands Pangasinan: my Very First Impact with the Tropics

I was born in Southern Italy, in an amazing place by the Mediterranean Sea known worldwide as the Amalfi Coast.

Because I was used to clear waters and snorkeling I had never really thought about visiting the tropics, as I already come from an area where the sea looks not any less beautiful than the tropical sea.

So, before I married a Filipina, I had basically only travelled to places that are the exact opposite of Southern Italy, namely Scandinavia and almost all Central and Northern European countries in search of something totally different.

So my marriage with a Filipina got me to break the cycle, that had been going on for the previous 30 years, of only visiting cold countries and, for the very first time in my life, I visited a tropical country, which, at first glance, kind of reminded me of parts of Southern Italy (at least as far as beaches are concerned) that I was used to.

The picture above (the first one) was taken the very first moment I had an impact with tropical waters and that took place in One Hundred Islands, Pangasinan.

That moment I realized that those waters only resemble the Mediterranean in terms of white sand and clear waters but the underwater world is a completely different story: in the Philippines there is way more underwater life than in the Med, there are corals that come in various colors, while in the Med corals are pretty rare, the water has a significantly lower degree of salinity and the temperature of it is incredibly warm even at night.

Since that instant in which I immersed my feet, for the very first time, in tropical waters I have been in love with the tropics and I have kind of permanently divorced from the Northern countries….

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