Religion and Spirituality in the Philippines

Although I created this blog to talk primarily about how I managed to create an amazing relationship with a Filipina, after going through a lot of culture-shock and making many errors in judgement, I also like to share my viewpoint and my impressions about the Filipino mentality in general and how I view the Filipino community here in my country.

Because of this I have been sharing various topics such as:

  • Alcohol abuse or “inuman”
  • How often Filipinos make children without planning ahead and then they are forced to move abroad and leave their children in the Philippines for years without having the possibility to raise them directly
  • I also talked about the Bahala na attitude toward health, money management, the tendency to get into debt and materialism in general, wanton consumption, gossip, easy entertainment, the insistence on outward beauty and sexiness rather than the inner self etc.

Now, given the huge amount of churches and religious denominations, the Philippines should be all about love, peace, flowers, rainbows and butterflies…..when, in fact, there is awayan, patayan, suntukan, barilan, corruption, and, as I said, alcohol abuse, wanton consumption, separation from family to move abroad instead of providing emotional and spiritual guidance and a lot of other stuff that does not exactly qualify as true spirituality.

Just a footnote here: my country is not any better under this aspect and, in fact, we have more corruption than some African countries, but this blog is about Filipinos (if my wife were from another country I would have made a blog about that particular country) and that is why I am focusing on religion and spirituality in the Philippines even though there would be much to say about the same topic in other countries.

So, it seems to me that the Philippines is one of those countries where mainstream religion and spirituality turn out to be polar opposites.

This is a very delicate topic and it is not my purpose here to discuss it thoroughly.

I just want to throw it out as food for thought (…bilang “pampatunaw”).

What comes to mind is an ancient scripture that says that the fruitage of the spirit is (supposed to be a bunch of things among which)….. pagpipigil sa sarili or “self control”. Well, given some of the things I have mentioned, my question is: “where is the “spirit” here?”.

Surely there is a lot of it in “spirit” drinks like Cuatro Cantos, Ginebra San Miguel, Tanduay and others but what about the spirit that the ancient scriptures talk about?

Just a question that was coursing through my mind….

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