OFW and “Bayanihan”

Yesterday I was at a Filipino wedding feast, one of the many I have been to since I entered the relationship with my wife.

Many Filipino wedding feasts that I have been to here in Italy (including mine) follow the K.K.B. (Kanya-Kanyang-Baon= “each participant is supposed to bring some food”) rule.

This is one of the many manifestations of the bayanihan spirit of Filipinos.

In the Philippines bayanihan can get to the point where the whole bayan helps a member of the community to move his house by literally carrying the house on their shoulders.

Here in Italy when a Filipino moves to another apartment many kababayan help out with their cars, vans or 7-9-seaters.

And, when someone gets married, they often practice the KKB philosophy.

Yesterday the KKB only applied to the appetizers, but, after eating the appetizers almost no one needed the food that was provided by the catering service of a Filipino restaurant. Sometimes the KKB principle applies even to the main lunch or dinner!

This is one of the positive aspects of Filipino pakikisama that applies both in the Philippines and among OFW.

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