Powerful Women in the Philippines and the Macho-“machunurin”

As I mentioned few weeks ago in a similar article in Tagalog and in some other articles in English (this is one of my favourite topics), women in the Philippines can be more powerful than their husbands.

I’ve seen families in which the wife is a teacher, a lawyer, a university professor and so on while her husband barely works or does menial jobs such as tricycle driver, farmer etc.

An interesting play on words for these men who play the macho when they drink or drive (or drink and drive) but get constantly henpecked by their wives is machunurin, a combination of “macho” and masunurin (submissive).

Men in the Philippines also call themselves tigasin or strong when, in fact they often end up being tiga-saing (a play on words for taga-saing, the one who cooks rice), tiga-salok ng tubig (one who gets water), tiga-luto (the one who cooks) etc.

Interesting, isn’t it?

3 thoughts on “Powerful Women in the Philippines and the Macho-“machunurin”

  1. yes, even in our home, my mom works and my father is the housemaid…. my mom is the king but only within our walls… outside, they give quite a performance.. probably because mom does not want anyone to look down at her husband…

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