Who can Successfully Rule the Philippines?

As husband of a Filipina I observe that Filipinos are very emotional and they tend to get very emotional when they argue and debate.

This happens in personal relationships like marriage or in religion and politics.

Filipinos get particularly emotional when they talk about politics (like Italians and any other race for that matter) and those who support, let’s say, the Yellowtards attack other parties, so do those who support Duterte and on and on it goes

Now, there is something quite interesting about people who are highly emotional and that is: people who are highly emotional have very little self-governance.

People who are highly emotional have little self-control and a lot of addictions to food, alcohol, anger, negative emotions etc.

The more emotional a person gets, the more that person is at the effect of some external substance or influence and has all sorts of cravings.

This is actually not just a trait of Filipinos: all human beings are at the effect of the external environment and are not internally grounded enough to resist depending from external substances or circumstances.

To really prove this you can try sitting in an empty room for a couple of hours in complete stillness and quickly realize how many cravings for food, for reading, for internet etc arise (this is a metric to judge your self-governance that I learned from www actualized.org).

We just cannot stand prolonged stillness and this shows that we don’t actually run life, rather that life runs us and this applies to every single human being not just Filipinos. Anyway Filipinos tend to be strongly emotional and driven by external influences or substances and Filipino society does not encourage becoming internally grounded. As I keep saying it is all about masaya vs maligaya. It is all about pagkain, sekso, kagandahan, alak and other stimulations and sources of titillation.

Peter Ouspensky in his book “The Psychology of Man’s Possible Evolution” wrote the following some 100 years ago:

“Man is a machine.
What does it mean that man is a machine?
It means that he has no independent movements, inside or
outside of himself. He is a machine which is brought into motion
by external influences and external impacts. All his movements,
actions, words, ideas, emotions, moods and thoughts are produced
by external influences. By himself, he is just an automaton with a
certain store of memories of previous experiences, and a certain
amount of reserve energy.
We must understand that man can do nothing.
But he does not realise this and ascribes to himself the capacity
to do. This is the first wrong thing that man ascribes to himself.
That must be understood very clearly. Man cannot do.
Everything that man thinks he does, really happens. It happens
exactly as ‘it rains,’ or ‘it thaws.’
In the English language there are no impersonal verbal forms
which can be used in relation to human actions. So we must
continue to say that man thinks, reads, writes, loves, hates, starts
wars, fights, and so on. Actually, all this happens.
Man cannot move, think or speak of his own accord. He is a
marionette pulled here and there by invisible strings”

This is huge.

Man cannot successfully govern himself and there are parts of the world like the Philippines where humans are particularly lacking as far as self-governance is concerned.

So, my observation is: how can a human being who cannot even run his own life (his health, his emotions or his family) run a nation?

So the problem is not the Yellowtards or others. The problem is not Trump or Putin or any other politician.

An ancient scripture says that “men cannot even direct their own steps”. So how can they direct masses of other unconscious men?

Just a little reflection that I am throwing out there as food for thought….

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