The Amazing Variety of Landscapes that Rome has to Offer

I consider myself very privileged to live in Rome.

Despite the fact that the city is a big mess as far as traffic, public transit and many other things, living in Rome has many advantages.

One of the things I love about Rome, and that Filipinos seem to appreciate as well, is the fact that very close to Rome there are all types of landscapes.

To the East we have the Appennini Mountains where you can still find snow in June and July

A ski resort close to Rome known as Campo Felice

To the South we have the hilly area known as Castelli Romani that has two lovely lakes

Lago di Albano

To the West we’ve got the sea

Ostia beach
Ostia beach

And to the North West we have more hills, lakes, rivers and waterfalls

Lago di Bracciano
Cascate di Monte Gelato
Monte Cimino

Rome is one of the most complete places on earth: you can ski in the mountains, you can hike in the forest, you can do windsurf in the ocean, if you don’t like salt water you can swim in a lake and there are many other things within reach you can do.

Yes, Rome is a huge metropolis that has many problems but it offers endless possibilities to easily get out of town and enjoy nature in all its manifestations.

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