Never Make a “Padalus-dalos” Decision Based on a Temporary Emotion

The Tagalog word padalus-dalos means “hasty” or “thoughtless”, for example the expression padalus-dalos na pagsasalita refers to speaking thoughtlessly, like the stabs of a sword.

Padalus-dalos na pagsasalita happens when we say something while we are angry, hurt, upset, depressed and it happens a lot in a relationship with a Filipina.

Recently I’ve come across a nice post that pointed out how, because our decisions, about what to do or what to say in a specific situation, can have permanent effects, it is better to avoid making any padalus-dalos decisions when we are experiencing a temporary emotion like hurt, upset etc.

The picture below says everything about the terrible consequences that could result from saying or doing something while emotionally unstable..

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