Memories of my Winter Swimming sa Pantalan ng Damortis

In the province of La Union there is a little village called Damortis where I had my first taste ever of what it feels like to experience summer in December and swim in warm tropical waters while almost no one dares to swim in Italy in that period.

I actually did it once before I visited the Philippines: I experienced swimming at the end of December here in Italy but only for few seconds.

But after my experience sa pantalan ng Damortis (I didn’t just swim there of course, but the pantalan was my first taste of “summer in winter”) I have blurred the line in my mind between summer and winter.

Summer is about to end here in Italy but, since my December experience sa pantalan, I go swimming here in Italy even in autumn and early spring (I am likely not going to repeat my December feat….too cold and I am not going to do it often either as I have plenty of other priorities like work, family, volunteer work etc.) pretending that the pantalan ng Damortis is here.

I evidently miss the Philippines….

Pantalan of Damortis
Early March in Italy
Early March in Italy

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