How to Learn a Foreign Language: the “Word of the Day”

When I started learning Tagalog I had very little free time.

The way I went about learning it and that proved to be rather effective was the so-called “daily word” or “word of the day”.

To put it simply I resolved that, no matter how busy I am, not a single day must go by by without me making at least a little bit of progress with the language and learning at very least one new word, the “word of the day”.

Learning one or even more words a day takes very little time and effort and, because Filipinos, even the busiest ones, seem to always have few minutes a day to spend posting selfies on Facebook, maybe one of the ways many OFWs could make significant progress with the language of the country in which they work (which is by the way the language their children speak much better than Tagalog) is by buying out time from social media and devoting even five minutes a day to memorize at least “the word of the day” and, slowly but surely, they will end up mastering the language.

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