The Underground River of Bulacan

The underground river of Bulacan
Barangay Akle
Our young tour guides

Falls and pools

The Philippines is primarily known for its amazing beaches and its islands.

But I personally find that the inland areas of this incredible island nation are just as interesting as the seacoast.

Maybe the reason is because I come from the subtropical part of Southern Italy where the seascape almost resembles that of parts of the Philippines.

As I already pointed out in my article, Italy has amazing islands and beaches and I was born by the sea in a village situated in front of an island so I am more naturally drawn to explore landscapes that are other than the seacoast.

And in my Filipino wife’s province (which is virtually an inland province as the seacoast of Bulacan is part of Manila Bay and therefore not worth exploring) I have found places that are cut out for me and in today’s article I’d like to share a few pictures of the underground river of Bulacan, a place situated near barangay Akle in the municipality of San Ildefonso Bulacan.

The area is comprised of a river that forms a series of falls and pools (like many in the Sierra Madre region) and the main attraction of the area is precisely the underground part of the river that connects San Ildefonso to San Miguel (where the famous Biak na Bato National Park is situated).

Many locals agree that, if that place were made known, it would soon become a tourist attraction.

I barely remember the road to get there but, as far as I can remember, we turned right at the intersection of the National Highway and the M. Valte Road and kept following the M. Valte Road until we got to Barangay Akle and then turned left at the Eagle Cement Corporation plant and followed the rough road (it was rough when I was there and, as far as I can see from Google Street View, it seems like it is still rough) until we got to the church that is in the picture below

We parked and two young kabataang lalaki guided us to the cave where the river flows and they were carrying torches to light our path.

The place is quite amazing: the water inside the cave was quite deep in some parts and we could even climb various rocks and dive in various spots inside the cave and the water was pretty cold, which is exactly what I was looking for to cope with the tropical heat.

Another amazing thing is that, as the river exits the cave there is a series of falls and pools.

If you pass by Bulacan you’ve got to check this place out and definitely explore the underground river of Bulacan.