Yung Feeling na…. Magiging Probinsya ng China ang Bayan Ko

“Made in Italy” (sa sweatshop ng mga Intsik)
“Real Italian” cappuccino sa bar na hawak ng mga Intsik=”cappuIntsik”

Marami ang nagsasabi na maaari maging probinsya ng China ang Pilipinas.

Ewan ko kung ano ang mangyayari.

Ang alam ko ay na tuwing Sabado ng umaga dinadala ako ng aking Pinay na misis sa pinakamalaking Chinatown ng Roma (isa sa marami….) at nararanasan ko yun’ feeling na….China na dito.

Masaya naman ang mga Pilipino dahil sa mga sari-sari ng mga Intsik mayroon lahat ng uri ng tsitseria na imported mula sa Pilipinas…

3 thoughts on “Yung Feeling na…. Magiging Probinsya ng China ang Bayan Ko

  1. The Chinese in the Philippines are trying to ” impose ” their culture , but … I think Filipinos have started to notice what’s going on, and are now starting to resist. Example… the renovation of Jones Bridge, built in 1912, ( formerly Puente de Espana ) . The mayor of Manila wants it returned to its former design ( check out the original and the ongoing renovation ) . Now, this bridge goes straight to “Chinatown ” ( Binondo) , and Holy Macaroni, almost right at the foot of Jones Bridge is a huge Chinese arch. It feels and looks so wrong. I think people will speak out soon . lol


    1. Filipinos here far exceed Chinese immigrants, yet the Chinese own 90% of the sari-sari store while the crab mentality of Filipinos keeps most of them stuck in their jobs as domestic helpers and very few set up “negosyo” and they buy tsitseria from the Intsik

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  2. I like long responses and thanks for taking the time to drop a comment. Yes, it is true, Filipinos probably don’t have the capital that the Chinese have to start a business but the few who do experience the crab mentality and don’t last. However what I have noticed is that Filipinos here seem to fear trying new things, like, for example, a friend of mine who runs a language school asked me if I knew Filipinos who were willing to teach English and I couldn’t find any. They seem to be more comfortable with their “amo” and all the more so because some “amo” treat them very well and quite a few even give them their slightly used BMW, Audi, Mercedes etc as a gift when they get a new car…

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