How to Experience a No-cost Exotic Adventure

I am married to a Filipina and I have been to the Philippines a few times and therefore, I have experienced quite a few exotic adventures in my wife’s amazing exotic land.

But the word “exotic” doesn’t simply refer to something that has to do with a faraway place.

Anything strikingly, excitingly, or mysteriously different, unusual or strange is also “exotic”.

This means that I don’t need to go to the tropics and spend a lot of money to do something that qualifies as “exotic”. As long as I figure out ways to experience a strikingly, excitingly different or unusual or strange kind of adventure, even at zero-cost, that adventure qualifies as a no-cost “exotic” adventure.

What do I do then to experience no-cost exotic adventures when I can’t travel to the Philippines with my Filipina?

As I have already touched on in some of my previous posts, I am fond of autumn, early spring or even mid-winter swimming here in my country and swimming during the cold season is definitely an “exotic” thing, in the above mentioned sense.

I usually avoid winter-swimming in the sea here in Rome because, even in winter, there is always a lot of people walking along the beach, as Ostia Beach (Rome beach) is a suburb of Rome, and I don’t like being watched while doing “exotic” things in an “ordinary” setting…..

There are a couple of places situated very close to Rome where I can peacefully swim without being watched by anybody during the cold season, those places being Lake Bracciano and the Monte Gelato falls.

So, how can you experience a no-cost exotic adventure or a “strikingly, excitingly different or unusual” kind of adventure if you live in an area that does not exactly qualify as an exotic paradise?

Go to the nearest lake, river or sea resort and…..try swimming during the cold season!

Ready to dive into cold water
Monte Gelato falls, 30 km away from Rome, last early spring
Lake Bracciano, just outside Rome, few days ago
The town of Anguillara Sabazia situated on the shores of Lake Bracciano
Clear waters of Lake Bracciano
Lake Bracciano is the “Boracay of Rome”
The water of Lake Bracciano is crystal clear during the low-season

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