Filipinos in Italy: Foreigners in the Country and Foreigners at Home

Few weeks ago I spoke with a 25-year-old son of a Bulaquenya who was born here and he has never been to the Philippines and, sure enough, he cannot even form a sentence in Tagalog.

I had the impression that his mother is very far from being fluent in Italian, so how can they develop meaningful communication at home?

Filipino parents are too busy at work and some who work live-in only get to see their spouses and their children on Thursdays (afternoon only) and Sundays (which are the only days that the typical live-in worker is off from work here in Italy).

Those who work “lungo orario” (meaning the whole day), and do go back home after work every day, have to travel at least two hours to get back home, as here in Rome we have more buses than we have subways, and so when they get home it is too late and they are too tired to teach Tagalog to their children.

On top of that the typical Filipino home is very hi-tech and there are all sorts of gadgets that get in the way of communication and the end result is that, in way too many Filipino homes in Italy, Filipinos are estranghero sa bansa at estranghero sa bahay because they struggle to speak Italian well, while often their children, who are native Italian speakers, hardly speak any Tagalog.

The interesting thing is that there are Filipino parents who ask me to teach Tagalog to their children, and, out of bayanihan spirit, I try to help.

The next one I am going to teach is the son of the Bulaquenya I mentioned above…..

Filipinos in Italy are always very busy and in a hurry
Italian husband of a Filipina teaching Tagalog to Filipino young kids

4 thoughts on “Filipinos in Italy: Foreigners in the Country and Foreigners at Home

  1. You teach them for free? My time is so fully booked with work and family that if someone ask me to teach their own child something that they should be doing i will charge double.. but then that’s me… haha

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