The Filipino Solution for Sinking Venice

Someone expressing concern on fb about sinking Venice
The “New Venice” in the Philippines
Canals and gondolas in the Grand Canal Shopping Mall

I am an Italian husband of a Filipina and one of the most famous tourist spots here in Italy, the city of Venice, is flooded.

Floods happen each year in Venice but the situation is getting worse and worse.

Venice is sinking and, according to recent studies, it will be underwater by 2100.

Does it mean to say that it will no longer be possible for tourists to visit Venice?

Well, Filipinos have come up with an interesting alternative: the Gran Canal Shopping Mall in Taguig that features canals and gondolas!

Venice is the city of canals so is Manila, the city of maraming mga kanal (at daga sa kanal….just like in Venice).

There is also plenty of kanal in the province and there is one running through my wife’s house compound in Bulacan.

Because the Philippines is the country of kanal, it stands to reason that only Filipinos could have created an alternative to the sinking city of Venice, should it completely go underwater….

7 thoughts on “The Filipino Solution for Sinking Venice

  1. I feel sorrow for what is happening in Venice. I hope I can visit there before its beauty fades. But I’m still hoping that particular “study” of Venice’s future will not happen though. By the way, thank you for featuring the Gran Canal Shopping Mall in Taguig, Philippines. It’s heartwarming to see a blogger who appreciates more our culture and country than most of our own people. Keep it up sir!

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  2. I saw a venice like thing inside a casino in macau with gondolas and so on.. i think the one in manila was more of a copycat of that.. never been to venice yet… a bit too risky for now with my boy who would just jumped into the water

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    1. I am sure that the Chinese will also build their own copy: mas malaki at mas maganda…. Venice is interesting and it is the very first long trip we made after our wedding, kaya lang the canals are dirty and are no different from the kanals in the Philippines


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