Tropical Monsoon in Italy

I experienced my first tropical monsoon, or bagyo in Tagalog, back in 2008.

I was on holiday in the Philippines in the months of June and July, namely during the rainy season, and, sure enough, I experienced a bagyo as my wife had foretold.

She had warned me that in the months of June and July I would most certainly have experienced a bagyo but I could only take time off from work in summer so I had no choice.

I spent three days at home without electricity observing strong and fierce winds and pouring rain from the window of my wife’s house in Bulacan.

I subsequently decided to return to the Philippines only during the dry season and the last time I was there it was in the month of December and it was pretty amazing, the weather was just perfect and it was not even that humid.

The problem is that tropical monsoon weather has moved here to my country and, due to climate change (I guess), we are experiencing tropical-like monsoon climate every single year.

So, it seems like I don’t need to visit the Philippines to experience bagyo: I am experiencing it right now.

I have had to stop my car, as the road has become just like the canals of Venice, and right now I am writing this post hoping that the bagyo will abate….

Driving on a road that looks like a canal
Will I be able to go back home from work?
Naku po(gi)!!!!!

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