Buying your Wife Roses: a Cross-cultural Way to Say “I Love You”!

Uso pa ba ang harana, marahil ikaw ay nagtataka…na binibili kita ng mga rosas”

Buying roses is and, I guess, will always be a cross-cultural, overarching, across-the-board, multiethnic, interracial, universal way to show your wife that you love her.

In my blog I talk about the challenges of being in an interracial intimate relationship but I must admit that buying your foreign wife roses easily and quickly bridges all cultural diversities and is universally appreciated by women from every nation, tribe or tongue and they are an evergreen way to say “I love you”!

Yes, roses are an incredibly cross-cultural way to win your wife’s love and approval no matter where she is from and they constitute the most direct, universal way to say “I love you” for women from every race, tribe, nation and tongue and you can’t go wrong with those….

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