Raising of the Alert Status of Taal Volcano

A very large portion of Pinoy immigrants in Rome come from Batangas, the province where Lake Taal is situated and from other nearby areas.

Lake Taal is a rather unique place because it’s a crater lake that has a volcanic island in it’s middle and this island is an active volcano which is currently erupting and spewing ashes within a vast area and the authorities are warning about a possible massive explosive eruption.

A friend of mine has a house in Talisay, right on the shores of Lake Taal and my brother-in-law’s family is from San Pablo City, Laguna, not far from the lake.

I’ve got close friends in places that are situated in close proximity to the lake like Calamba in Laguna, Balayan in Batangas and I know a lot of people from other nearby areas like Matabungkay, Nasugbu, Cavite etc.

So a lot of Pinoy migrants here in Rome, Italy, are closely following what is happening in these hours because their families might be affected by the increasing activity of Taal Volcano.

Let’s hope for the best…

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