Pangasinan, La Union and Benguet: From Tropical Beaches to Temperate Climate in Two Hours

One of the areas I really love in the Philippines is the area situated between the provinces of Pangasinan, La Union and Benguet because it literally gives you the opportunity to spend half-day on a white-sandy tropical beach and the other half in an environment that almost resembles parts of the Alps.

I’ve got friends in Damortis, La Union, and the amazing thing about that area is that you can go to places like the One Hundred Islands or Bolinao in a couple of hours or so and enjoy blissing out on a tropical white-sandy beach or snorkel in waters that are filled with corals or, in only about one hour, you can reach Baguio City in the province of Benguet where you can find a climate that is more or less the same as the temperate areas of the world and you can see forests of pine trees and Alpine-style chalets.

Although my wife is Bulaquenya, each and every time I visit the Philippines, it is a must for me to head North and spend some time in my beloved Ilocandia where I get to enjoy this amazing variety of landscapes and climates and, all the more so because, under many aspects, Italy is also like that: there are parts of Southern Italy (like Calabria or the Sorrento Peninsula) where subtropical beaches are very close to high mountains so Southern Ilocandia is partly akin to my birthplace.

Backdrop View of the Mountains of Benguet From San Fabian Beach in Pangasinan
One Hundred Islands Pangasinan
Songyot Island in La Union
In Baguio City
Pine Trees and Alpine-style Chalets in Baguio

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