Real Winter Swimming vs Fake Winter Swimming

Yesterday I made a post where I said that I finally managed to swim outdoors 12 consecutive months.

I also clarified that this year winter has been particularly mild and so swimming in mid-winter has been relatively easy.

The thing is that today the weather is completely different than yesterday.

The temperature has dropped dramatically, it is cloudy and it is cold and very windy.

So, earlier today, I said to myself “it’s good that yesterday I decided to take advantage of the mild weather and hit the target of swimming outdoors 12 consecutive months, now the weather has changed and swimming in mid-winter is no longer possible”. But then I asked myself: “who said that it is not possible? Is there any law that prevents people from swimming in freaking cold water in freaking cold weather?”. I also thought that if I really want to claim that I can swim in winter I have to do it when the weather is freaking cold, not when winter is mild.

So here I am again at the lake and…. yes, I have taken the plunge despite the cold weather.Now I can really call myself a winter swimmer…..

11 thoughts on “Real Winter Swimming vs Fake Winter Swimming

    1. I have no choice but wait for traffic to diminish. My working place is about 40 km away from home and immediately after work I am too tired to drive so I rest by the lake… and why not take the plunge? It’s a lot of fun and is getting addictive…


      1. I actually experienced about 5 degrees Celsius in Baguio City in December…I was wearing short trousers and a t-shirt expecting hot weather…but later in the day it got much warmer


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