Bracing for Coronavirus

My mother-in-law has just returned from the Philippines.

We were concerned about her safety because of the spreading of Coronavirus in the Philippines.

Now that she is back in Italy the spreading of Coronavirus has decreased in the Philippines while the disease has jumped sharply in Italy and my country is now one the worst affected in the world and the worst affected in Europe.

All gatherings, including religious meetings, have been banned for the next two weeks. Schools and universities are closed.

But, because “there is no rest for the wicked”, I have to go to work anyways and face the virus head on.

I am doing my research on how to boost my immune system to fight off this particular disease, and disease in general, and what I am reading seems to confirm that I am on the right path.

About five years ago I cut out refined carbs and sugars from my diet and I switched to eating plenty of raw vegetables, healthy proteins and whole-grain carbs.

Not only have I lost plenty of weight but I also hardly catch a cold or the flu. This winter I have never caught a cold, not even a mild one.

I am not a doctor but I have bought into the “you don’t have to study the roots, you just have to pick the fruits” philosopy by simply doing what seems to work without worrying too much to look into the scientific whys and wherefores.

And, apparently, eating plenty of raw vegetables and eliminating sugar and refined carbs do help a lot.

I have also read plenty of articles about how taking a cold bath strengthens the immune system, as the cold and warm stimuli constrict and dilate blood vessels, which strengthens the immune system, so I am taking advantage of the fact that I work close to a lake to practice some winter swimming after work (as I have already mentioned in a few past blog posts).

I am doing the best I can to steer clear of disease or rather face it head on…

Cold plunges seem to boost the immune system

Fresh tomatoes and whole-grain bread…..(the liquid in the bottle is not wine: it’s grape juice…lol)

4 thoughts on “Bracing for Coronavirus

    1. We do the best we can…I am extra careful with my diet these days and stay away from acidic foods. It’s just that my wife hates it when I eat raw garlic (it’s a powerful natural antibiotic…so they say)


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