Surviving a Lockdown

In this period I am deflecting a bit from my main topic, which is my relationship with a Filipina, and I am touching on what it is like to live under total lockdown.

This is, more or less, what Rome looked like yesterday night

So I am being forced to spend weekends at home.

But I have a lot of things that make my isolation much sweeter like:

First and foremost my beautiful wife who is sweetening this unusual time with pure and pristine love, a love that isn’t tainted by any pressures to go out and do something, just pure cuddling

I have also discovered an app, similar to Skype, called Zoom that allows us to do videoconferencing with up to 100 people for up to 40 minutes (with the free version) and we are using it both for our regular spiritual gatherings and for other kinds of Filipino social gatherings, without having to spend any money on gas or experience the burden of finding parking

And I have managed to do my regular weekend excursion by means of Google Maps!

This weekend I am visiting the amazing sea resort of Sperlonga, situated about 130 km South of Rome and I am exploring every nook and cranny of this beautiful town by means of Street ViewAnd, last but not least, I am tapping into my Kindle collection of books and taking advantage of the immense reservoir of knowledge availableBut we are also allowed to breathe some fresh air to queue at the grocery store…

Slowly but surely I’ll get used to this quarantine….

17 thoughts on “Surviving a Lockdown

    1. I spend plenty of time in deliberate self isolation even under normal circumstances. Self isolation is the fuel of creativity. Thanks for dropping a comment. Take care


    1. The attractions we have in Italy are more often than not way too crowded with tourists and rather noisy. I love the Far North and its peace. I haven’t been to Canada but I have been to similar places in Scandinavia: huge forests and empty spaces


      1. I’d love to visit Quebec because I have been to France and other French speaking countries like Belgium, Switzerland and Monaco several times


      2. I would like to go to Quebec as well. And I think the Maritimes would be a great place to visit. I love Manitoba and enjoyed our time in Ontario. I’m not a fan of British Columbia or Alberta. They have beautiful scenic places to visit but the people are kind of miserable. Especially in Alberta.

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      3. I am a fan of bilingual countries. We have plenty of those countries in Europe and Italy has some bilingual regions close to its borders. In my wife’s town in the Philippines by simply crossing a bridge you can enter a province where people speak an entirely different language than Tagalog (Kapampangan)


      4. Some Northern Europeans like the Dutch are. The problem is that some European languages (like Italian for example) have such a complex structure that only scholars speak them flawlessly. Much of the population in my country, including many highly educated people, makes mistakes both in spoken and written language


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