Visit Italy!

My blog is mainly about my relationship with a Filipina, the Filipino culture and mentality and the mindset that I have adopted to successfully deal with culture-shock. I share what I have learned by reading books on relationships, and not just multi-ethnic ones, because the psychology of a healthy relationship is the same whether you are in an interracial marriage or in a “normal” one.

And I also talk about the Tagalog language and I have published posts about places to see in the Philippines.

In my post
I have mentioned a number of good reasons why the Philippines deserves to be visited.

But what about my country?

Italy is well known as a world-class tourist spot but, because tourism has massively been impacted in a negative way by the Covid-19 crisis, Italy will need plenty of tourists once this crisis is completely over.

In this post I simply want to share a few pictures of my country to kind of entice you to consider visiting it, if you haven’t done it yet.

What I like about this country, apart from it’s history and culture (that would require a separate blog to talk about), is the incredible variety of landscapes we have. We have got pretty much everything: lakes, mountains, an amazing coastline, historic sites and, probably, the best food (even though I consume it in moderation because I am into healthy eating).

Take a look at the following pictures (I have got a lot more pictures stored on various computers and devices but these are some of the ones I have on the one I am using to write this post) and make up your mind…


Lake Como in Northern Italy
Lago di Vico near Rome
Trevignano Romano by Lake Bracciano, near Rome
Lago Trasimeno in Umbria

The Sea

The Amalfi Coast
Clear waters in Southern Italy
Sabaudia near Rome
Capri Island
View from a trail in the Amalfi Coast

Food and Drinks


Gran Sasso d’Italia, about 100 km East of Rome

Backdrop view of Mount Vesuvius from the cable car to Monte Faito near Naples

Ancient Cities and Towns

Arezzo, Tuscany

The Spanish Steps in Rome
Parco degli Acquedotti in Rome

What else?…..

16 thoughts on “Visit Italy!

  1. Thanks Eduardo for sharing awesome photos about your beautiful country.
    I have never been to Italy, it’s on my bucket list. I watch numerous cooking shows about Italy, usually Italian Chefs travelling around Italy….awesome scenery and delicious food.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I personally don’t drink wine . They tell me that there are some great wines in Australia and New Zealand.
        Years ago in New Zealand I had casual work harvesting grapes for McWilliams Wine Company.

        Liked by 1 person

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